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ANTIQUE POWER GROUP VINTAGE CLUB - 12/06/21(Last Updated: 25/05/21)
NP26 5XL

NEWS UPDATE OF THE CLUB (Last Updated: 09/05/21)
Firstly, the club hope you and all your family and friends are all well and safe at this exceedingly difficult time.
We thought we must give you an update regarding the Club!
The Facebook page for the Club is growing with the number of followers we are getting, and we do thank you for your interest. We hope that you are enjoying the variety of the input that we are sent and thank you for your input.
This year we are extremely disappointed with the fact that we are unable to bring you the Speech House Show 2021. As our Club Members look forward to this yearly challenge and meet all of you on the day of the Show.
This year we will not be able to help the local community with funding from the show as we do every year. This is another consequence of covid shut down that is imposed up on us, by the authorities for all our safety.
Rest assured we will be working on the Show, for the next opportunity, when we are able to reinstate it when the situation allows us to.

VALE OF GLAMORGAN - 07/05/21(Last Updated: 07/05/21)Go To Website
It is with deep regret and after careful consideration that the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society has made the decision to cancel the 2021 Vale of Glamorgan Show. The ongoing restrictions in Wales mean that it is not possible to hold large events.

This last year has been a challenge for us all. The society would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of the show as volunteers, trade stand holders, sponsors, exhibitors, patrons, members and visitors.

We will look forward to seeing you at next year’s show. Our goal is to run the biggest and best Vale Show on Wednesday 10th August 2022 which will be mark the 250th anniversary of the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Society

ACKWORTH STEAM RALLY. - 04/05/21(Last Updated: 04/05/21)Go To Website
Ackworth Steam Rally.
We hope everyone is keeping safe in these difficult times.
Lots of our regulars and new comers are asking if
Ackworth Steam Rally is going ahead in July 2021.
We can now confirm that sadly the Ackworth Steam Rally will not be going ahead this year.
This has not been an easy decision, but for all our safety we feel it impossible and irresponsible to put this event on.
2022 will be a different story......bring back the good old times!
Ackworth Scammell Spectacular and the Ackworth Steam Rally will go ahead.

ST MAWGAN VINTAGE RALLY - 04/05/21(Last Updated: 02/04/21)Go To Website
With more shows and rallies being cancelled every week, we have to wonder if the show season for 2021 is going to be a non-starter for St Mawgan as well. Although it’s still five months away and at the moment it`s still on, it’s very difficult to know what to plan or expect. So many unanswered questions at the moment - How many engines are in steam this year? How many exhibitors use trucks to move exhibits have laid them up for another year? How many of our loyal traders are still out there? Can we run a bar? Can we have evening entertainment?
If we do run this year, will we make any money for our charities which is the reason we put all the effort in?
We`ll be meeting soon to make decisions and I want to throw some ideas out there for opinions. We`re all very proud of St Mawgan Rally and we don’t want to put on anything that isn’t our very best but this year is going to be difficult. To achieve our charitable aims and put on a show that could still fall victim to the weather, we need to make money.
I strongly believe that if we`re going to do it, we have to increase admission charges and for one year only, ask exhibitors to dip their hands in their pockets and make a contribution - £10, £20 or even £50 isn’t going to worry some people but, if you genuinely can’t afford anything, come along anyway.
Traders, if there are any left, should be treated differently and they should be welcomed for no charge at all. They’ve had a shocking time and I think St Mawgan would be pleased to give them a leg up to get them back to normal.
Admission fees - well, we were £8 but, what’s a days entertainment worth? Could we justify £12 for a day. I think we probably could but we don’t want to exclude anyone that is having a hard time. Would it be it be too much to ask people to apply for concessionary tickets or would that upset some politically correct idiots?
I need some feedback on this because, if St Mawgan Vintage Rally does run in 2021, it could be the hardest one we`ve ever planned

SHREWSBURY STEAM RALLY - 04/05/21(Last Updated: 01/04/21)Go To Website
Shrewsbury Steam Rally 2021 is sadly cancelled.
It is with great sadness we have to announce that the decision to cancel the Shrewsbury Steam Rally 2021 has been made by the organising committee.
This news is of course extra sad since 2021 is our Society’s 60th anniversary and we were really hoping to put on a celebration. So, if we had gone with what our hearts wanted then we most definitely would be holding a rally but the reality of what we believe would be required to comply with the latest guidance really makes it nearly impossible to run. We must be sensible and cautious, and we certainly do not want to put anyone’s health and wellbeing at risk. We want you all to be here to enjoy our future rallies. But currently there is just too much uncertainty surrounding the events industry for us to be able to make the decision to continue for this year.
We would, however, like to take this opportunity to thank all our exhibitors and followers who had we have gone ahead this year would have no doubt supported our event. And we once again really look forward to seeing you all again in the run up to the Shrewsbury Steam Rally 2022.
In the meantime, we sincerely wish you all the very best of health, and please do stay safe.
The County of Salop Steam Engine Society

MESSAGE TO ALL MEMBERS SPEECH HOUSE SHOW - 07/03/21(Last Updated: 28/02/21)
Hi from FVVMC -
i hope you are all keeping safe and well. After careful consideration we have made the difficult decision to cancel Speech House Show this year. Although the future is looking promising with the roll out of the vaccines we still feel there is a degree of uncertainty over the coming months, and the safety of all the people who come together to create the show and also visitors must be priority. We realise that this is disappointing but we can look forward to putting on a great show next year. As for club meetings as soon as we get the go ahead and we feel it is safe we will let you know when they will resume.

Take care and stay safe.
Mark Harris (Chairman)

LANCASHIRE TRACTION ENGINE CLUB - 24/02/21(Last Updated: 24/02/21)Go To Website
In light of Boris` announcement earlier this week, it is unfortunate, but probably not surprising, that our annual steam event at the Lancashire Mining Museum, Astley Green, has been POSTPONED.
It was scheduled for 15th/16th May but we are now in consultation with the museum and hope to find a mutually suitable date to hold the event later in the Summer. Watch this space!

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE- GDSF 2021 CANCELLED (Last Updated: 23/02/21)
Hello Everyone
Following a further review by the Great Dorset Steam Fair Board of Directors, it is with much regret and sadness that I confirm the 2021 Great Dorset Steam Fair (scheduled to take place from Thursday 26th to Bank Holiday Monday 30th August 2021) has been cancelled.
We have continued to closely monitor the Coronavirus pandemic over the past few weeks and whilst the ongoing vaccination programme is progressing well and should be commended, it has nevertheless become increasingly evident (as in 2020) that it is unfeasible to run the GDSF event again this year.
This has been a very difficult decision to make, however, as our pre-planning for the 2021 event has now reached a critical stage (with March being the key deadline for confirming major contractors), we have no other option than to make the decision now to not continue with the event this year and focus our efforts on the 2022 show.
Despite the Prime Minister’s Speech last night and the Government’s roadmap to ease Covid-19 Restrictions, the ongoing problem the GDSF Board of Directors face is that of uncertainty as to what statutory Covid restrictions will still be in place in August for large scale, high-capacity mass gatherings like the GDSF. The Prime Minister also stressed that he is being driven by data and not dates and therefore the timeline of the roadmap is not guaranteed.
Sadly, the risk is simply too great for us to run this year, it would be an enormous health & safety, operational and financial gamble which we cannot justify. Our priority therefore has to be to safeguard the viability of the event for future years and by not risking running in 2021, this will enable us to return in 2022.
Ultimately, the safety and wellbeing of our visitors, exhibitors, traders, staff and contractors is always our primary concern, combined with the effect to the local area, towns, parishes and residents. We are also very conscious of the impact that the event would have on the NHS, Emergency Services, Local Authority and Partner Agencies, and we do not want to unnecessarily stretch their resources any further this year.
We offer our sincere apologies to all involved and I can assure you that we at the GDSF are equally as disheartened and disappointed that for a second consecutive year there will be no show. However, not running the show again this year is the right and responsible thing to do on all counts.
I can reassure everyone that all our efforts will now turn to putting on a fabulous show in 2022, the dates of which are Thursday 25th August to Bank Holiday Monday 29th August. Tickets and camping bookings for 2022 will be on sale by Christmas this year. In the meantime, I can announce one bit of good news for 2021 – Steam Fair FM will once again be broadcasting nationwide online throughout the original show period (up to bank holiday Monday), with lots of news about the show, more archive recordings, big prize competitions ,and dedications for your friends and family. Last year’s broadcast was a great success, and we’ll be letting you know more about this in due course.
For those of you who previously booked advance tickets and camping for the (cancelled) 2020 event and have not hitherto requested refunds, these bookings will remain valid for the GDSF event in 2022, this will happen automatically. Alternatively, should you now prefer a refund for the 2020 show, please contact us at quoting your Order Number and we will arrange this as soon as possible.
I would like to take this opportunity of personally thanking you all for your continued support of the GDSF during these very difficult times, we can assure you that it is very much appreciated.
Please continue to check our website and Facebook site for updates over the next few months as we begin to prepare for GDSF 2022.
Keep safe everyone and take care.
Kind regards
Martin Oliver, Managing Director, Great Dorset Steam Fair

MUCH MARCLE STEAM - 22/02/21(Last Updated: 22/02/21)Go To Website
Firstly, I would like to say I hope all our exhibitors, visitors, trade and anyone that supports the show are all safe and well in these unprecedented times.
It has been a very difficult decision by the committee to cancel Much Marcle Steam Rally 2021.
We had been hoping for better news that we could go ahead, but with the situation much the same as 12 months ago we feel it is the right thing to do. We need to keep everyone safe so we can all hopefully enjoy a better show in 2022.
Our thoughts are with anyone that we have lost over the last year that will not be with us again but will be in our thoughts every year.
For this year we must all stay safe, keep getting those exhibits ready for next year and keep bringing happiness to those that visit the show.
If at a later we can organise a social event or back to our meetings we will keep you all informed.
Looking forward to Much Marcle Steam Rally Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July 2022. Save the date.
Best wishes to you all, stay safe
Chris Barnard, chairman.

2021 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - 04/05/21(Last Updated: 02/02/21)Go To Website
2021 Gloucestershire Vintage & Country Extravaganza SHOW CANCELLED
It is with great sadness to report that we feel it necessary to cancel the 46th annual Gloucestershire Vintage & Country Extravaganza which was due to be held on 6– 8 August 2021. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have had to preside over as Chairman and one that we have not taken lightly. The show normally takes at least 10 months to plan, and with time marching on, we have had to make the decision now. We are all hugely disappointed, as I’m sure many people will be, and feel it necessary to provide several reasons to justify why this decision has been made.
Gloucestershire Vintage & Country Extravaganza is widely regarded as one of the biggest and best Steam, Vintage and Countryside events in the UK which attracts over 20,000+ visitors from across the country. It is staged on part of a live military base at South Cerney Airfield.
The Duke of Gloucester Barracks have been on complete shutdown and out of bounds for some time now. They have been deployed on various duties connected to the pandemic since the outbreak, and at this time there is no guarantee that the show could even be held on their airfield.
Although we have plenty of exhibitors wanting to attend and a lot of volunteers wanting it to happen, it’s unclear whether the public would have the confidence in attending a large-scale event. The show already costs £200k to stage* and relies heavily on a good gate/public support. The show would incur additional costs in order to comply with the pandemic regulations. It is imperative to protect the financial wellbeing of the club in order for it to sustain for many years to come. The risk is far too great. * We could put on a smaller ‘cheaper’ show but after some deliberation it was decided this was not a satisfactory solution.
Social distancing and face coverings are still likely to be required at the time of the show. The World Health Organisation predicts that social distancing and the wearing of masks will continue until at least next winter. It would be impossible to steward this on such a vast site. Unfortunately, some members of the public (albeit a minority) become difficult and even abusive at the best of times when asked to comply with simple rules. I do not want any of our volunteers to be put in this situation.
As responsible event organisers we do not want to put anyone’s health at risk including our volunteers, exhibitors, contractors or indeed members of the public and we will not stage a show until it is safe to do so. To host such a large show requires a large provision of emergency service cover, and a lot of assistance from the military base, both of which would drain their much-needed resources. It’s impossible to know what the pandemic will be like in August with the ever-changing situation.
The vaccine is encouraging and the best news that we have had, but with so many people saying that they will not have it, the fears over the interruption of supply, the new variants that are evolving and even efficacy in some age groups; we feel the risks are far too great to proceed in such uncertain times.
I would to like to take this opportunity to apologise for the disappointment that this announcement will undoubtedly cause, but if it’s any consolation we hope to stage some outdoor events (road runs, barbecues, etc.) throughout the year for club members and these will be published in the club newsletter.
Thank you for your understanding, stay safe!
Martyn Slater
Chairman, Stroud Vintage Transport and Engine Club

NATIONAL VINTAGE TRACTOR ROAD RUN - 20/01/21(Last Updated: 20/01/21)Go To Website
I can confirm as event organiser on behalf of Glenluce Vintage Tractors that the National Vintage Tractor Road Run at Stranraer has been put back again to Easter 2023.
This years event hosted by Glamorgan Vintage Tractor Club has been postponed and will be held Easter 2022

WEST DORSET VINTAGE TRACTOR - 04/05/21(Last Updated: 20/01/21)Go To Website
Announcement From Wdvtsec Committee!!
This week the committee have made the hard decision to cancel the 2021 West Bay Vintage rally, due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19
Trying to organize an event in these uncertain times is impossible!
We would like thank all our club members & Exhibitors for their continued support, which as a result , the club has been able to donate over £62,500 to local charities and community Projects over the last 40yrs..
We are very hopeful for 2022

The rally committee, friends & the N.V.T.E.C Midlands Group are sorry to inform you that due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have had to make the sad decision to cancel this year`s event.
Please stay safe, remember Hands, Face, Space & we look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

NEW YEAR - 01/01/21(Last Updated: 01/01/21)

I do hope you and all your Families and Friends, are safe and well in this difficult time. Due to the current situation, it has been decided that your current membership, which would be due for renewal in December, will stay valid for another year. Also, this year’s AGM, which would normally be held in December, will be postponed until a time when it will be safe to gather and hold a Club meeting. We will be posting a date for this on the Clubs web pages when it can be arranged


This years Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show was due to be held on the 7th and 8th November, sadly in line with many other events it has been cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions, so we have decided to have our very own virtual tractor show Facebook thread.
To feature your tractor, engine, implement or other FoFH related equipment please put it on this thread, we would like a picture or video (feel free to make more than one entry) a short history of the equipment, including make, model and year together with your name and social media handle if you`re also on twitter.
Perhaps you would like to make your own virtual show entry, or perhaps you have a little carpet farmer in the family and want to share their collection or collect models yourself, nothing is too small or too large to feature.
Of course no Show is complete without prizes, so we will put together a few FoFH items for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners, which will be the 3 entries with the most Facebook likes.
There will also be a few extra prizes for junior entries, which will be judged by our two admin Rob Sowden and Jane Brooks.
This competition is open to all our Facebook followers and will be shared on out twitter page so do get posting, the competition will close at 5pm on Sunday 8th November with winners announced on Monday 9th November.
The Marquee was up in good time last year, but this year we can only fill it with virtual exhibits, so we look forward to seeing your entries

TRACTOR WORLD SHOW NEWS (Last Updated: 28/10/20)
2021 Tractor World Show postponed until February 2022. Replaced with Tractor parts and spares Market on Sunday 21st March.

Unfortunately, our big, busy Spring Tractor World & Classic Commercial Show held annually at Malvern in February has now reluctantly been postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 uncertainties and will be back in February 2022. Tractor World normally uses all of the available halls plus the big link marquee and is now in effect at full capacity for space, trade stands and exhibits which means we cannot safely proceed with our normal busy well-supported show in its current format.

However! on Sunday 21st March 2021 we are organizing a smaller in size Tractor World parts and spares market in the Avon Hall and outdoors at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern alongside our busy 4x4, Land Rover & Vintage Spares Day in the large Wye Halls plus outdoor areas. Tractors spares, parts, literature, agrijumble and farm model retailers plus club merchandise stands alongside our busy well established 4x4 & vintage spares day. A number of our Tractor World traders and clubs selling merchandise have already confirmed attendance ( list to be added on our website nearer to the event) Two events together to enjoy on the same day, set out with wide walkways and lots of space to allow for a safe socially distanced, local authority approved covid compliant event. Plots from only £40 and visitor tickets £7.00 per adult, under 15’s free.

More info to follow early in 2021, please check back or you can call us on 016974 51882

NEW JUST IN SUFFOLK SHOW (OFFICIAL) (Last Updated: 30/09/20)
Suffolk Show (Official)
It is with great sadness we would like to announce that the next Suffolk Show will take place in 2022 not 2021 as originally hoped.
Please read the full statement on our website
We will be communicating with all our exhibitors, sponsors, competitors, contractors and volunteers to discuss arrangements going forward.
We will now focus on making our 2022 Show a celebration to be proud of!

Q & A - REQUEST- - 18/09/20(Last Updated: 18/09/20)
Have you any questions that you would like us to Answer regarding Shows, Road Runs, Club Functions, or just Help from the Club. All you must do is contact this page with your request.

USE THIS SITE (Last Updated: 17/09/20)
We have been informed that some of our Members and Friends do not wish to use Facebook, Due to this, we are trying to put more on this site for those who fall into this category. But we must ask you to contact this site with your input, to make it interesting and updated. This is why Facebook is so popular! so if you send anything to the Contact page on this site we will put it on to the site for you, On this Site, we will not use or give your name, email address, or any other of your personal information unless you give your permission to the page. But remember that we will not post anything that we feel may cause harm or an offense to any person.

FORESTRY ENGLAND ASK FOR YOU VIEWS - 14/09/20(Last Updated: 14/09/20)Go To Website
Car flying through the air at track racing event
Forestry England asking for views on motorsport in the nation’s forests
Forestry England are reviewing motorsports in the nation’s forests and are inviting the sector and local communities affected to share their views.

They have already contacted motorsport national governing bodies throughout the UK, their own staff, and parish councils that have experience of motorsports on land Forestry England manage.

For decades Forestry England-managed forests have hosted a wide variety of motorsports from national rallies to grassroots entry-level club events and these have seen a decline in popularity over the last five or six years.

The three main areas of motorsport at the moment are: four-wheeled motorsport such as rallying and hill climbs; motorcycle sport, such as enduro and trials; and car testing – usually of rally cars.

The range of other recreational activities and sports along with the number of visits to the nation’s forests has been changing and growing too. Currently some 27 million people make around 235 million visits enjoying everything from a gentle stroll to adrenaline-filled high-wire experiences, and even husky dog training.

Bridgette Hall, Forestry England Head of Recreation explained;

“Forests and motorsport have been together for a long time. Some people’s first experience of a forest was watching a rally and local communities can benefit from the income they bring. In recent years we have seen a decline in the number of events and costs are rising: from hosting events to repairing forest roads.

“There’s also more people visiting the nation’s forests; increasing conservation programmes and a heightened awareness to the environmental impact of everything we all do.

“So we felt the time was right to review motorsport in the nation’s forests and ask clubs, representative organisations and local communities to share their opinions and experiences. We want to hear from people connected to the events to help inform our decisions.”

Anyone who would like to have their say in this review should email by 30th September 2020.

VIRTUAL SHOW FOR THIS YEAR - 09/09/20(Last Updated: 09/09/20)

As we are unable to hold the show this year, we thought we would like to put together a virtual show for you. We will take you from moving onto the Field, build-up, infrastructure for the Show, The Show day, moving out, and back to the empty Field once more.

Day One
By the time of the show, we have been working for many months on meetings for planning and making bookings. Four days before the Show we have drawn up a master Showplan which helps us to ascertain the sizes for each section’s requirement for the Show.
We will start by erecting fencing for, car park, main ring, dog-ring, working section, stationary engine and working section.
The craft tent has been erected in its allotted positions, so by this time, we have the core of the Show in place. At the end of the First day we have marked out where each Vehicle section will be by signs and posts and ropes, The Trade Section has also been marked out and roped, this has all been achieved by the Club Members and Volunteers to who we truly thank them for their help.
The Show is on the road as the saying goes, but we still have a long way to go, but we have started!

Day Two
More of the infrastructure has started to arrive, Tables, Chairs, Toilet Cabins, Litter Bins, Rubbish Skip, Coal and Water Butts for the Steam engine Section, The Club Tent, and Entry Gate is erected the Theme tent is also erected in place and Chairs are placed around the Dog and Main rings, .

Day Three
Now we start the Show Ground work, as we have now all sections marked out and some of the last minute jobs to be done, Boating pool has to be erected and filled, Car Park Signs and ropes put in place. And most important our team will fan out around the Forest with Direction Signs to make sure you find us when you are traveling in.
Some of the Exhibits will start arriving and will be sent to their allocated section areas. Catering Vans will start to arrive and be put in place, Large Traders stands will start to fill section allotted to them. There will be a steady flow of movements around the Ground as the Show starts to come together. Steam Engines arrive under their own Steam as well as on Lorries. We now have an especially important meeting with all staff to make sure the public have a Safe Day with us. More exhibitors arrive through the late afternoon and on, till the late evening when we close the gates at 10 30 pm.

Day Four Show Day
We reopen the main gate at 5 30 a.m. on the morning of the Show, Section Stewards are at their area ready to roster the incoming exhibitions as they are sent from the Gate Team to them. The Section Stewards line up the Vehicles and exhibits as they arrive, we close the exhibitor`s gate at 10 a.m., At which time we open the Public entrance gate. All section stewards will Marshall their section to the ring at their allotted display time, time to display in the ring and return to their Section area for the rest of the Show, other stewards will help at these movements for the Public Safety which is of paramount importance to the Club.
The Show start to wind down when the Last Display has taken place in the Main Ring, when exhibits start to leave the Showground , the public is welcome to stay if they wish as there is still plenty to see and do still on display.

When the last display leaves the Ring, we start to dismantle the Safety Barriers around ground, and open all exit gates, this will allow the public to exit the Show Ground more easily. We work on till late evening dismantling tens and loading some onto the Club Members vehicles to be taken for storage off site. This we are assisted by a large of volunteers who are a great help with this task. We soon clear all this away and the Showground starts to look empty by the time we lock the gates again.

Day Five
We start this packing all Safety Barriers to be loaded, Toilet Cabins are removed from site. All Vehicles are now all gone from site except for Club Vehicles which we load with the last of the equipment, Tents, Posts, Ropes, The Sign Team retrieve all road signs, clear any litter and repair and damage to the Exit Gates and clear any residue from the working Section. By late afternoon, the Field is back to its picturesque state once more.
You may now understand what it takes to put on the Speech House Show for your entertainment and enjoyment

GOOD NEWS ABOUT PIP (Last Updated: 05/09/20)
Pip Buckle.jpeg
Our good friend Pip Buckle who all the Members Know, has, at last, had his operation on the Ankle which he has been suffering with for many years. Some of you will know Pip from the Shows and been on his famous Road Runs in the past. I spoke to pip this morning and he expressed his thanks to all his Good Luck messages you sent him. He is now home from Hospital and being waited on Hand and painful now Foot!!!!!!!
I posted onto Facebook a message, but I have been told that not all Members use this Platform, I am deeply sorry about this oversight on my behalf. I will now be updating the news on the website with more information for you.
Could I ask you to give me feedback on any issues that you are having, just email me on the Contact Page? I will be happy to hear from you and add any information you would like to post on the Site.
The Feedback also lets me know how many contacts I am getting, to the Site as I have no way of seeing the Traffic the page is getting.

NEW VISITORS TO THIS SITE - 06/07/20(Last Updated: 06/07/20)

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