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Q & A - REQUEST- - 18/09/20(Last Updated: 18/09/20)
Have you any questions that you would like us to Answer regarding Shows, Road Runs, Club Functions, or just Help from the Club. All you must do is contact this page with your request.

UPDATE FROM THE CLUB - 17/09/20(Last Updated: 17/09/20)
Hi, All Members and visitors to the Page
We do hope that you and all your family and friends are all safe and well.
Where do we start, well it has been a great disappointment to us all at the Club that we have been unable to put on our Flagship event this year These Speech House Show. But we must ask our self’s? how could we have been able to comply with the regulation regarding, Personal Distancing, for instance, could we have policed this issue, this would have been impossible for us to achieve.

USE THIS SITE (Last Updated: 17/09/20)
We have been informed that some of our Members and Friends do not wish to use Facebook, Due to this, we are trying to put more on this site for those who fall into this category. But we must ask you to contact this site with your input, to make it interesting and updated. This is why Facebook is so popular! so if you send anything to the Contact page on this site we will put it on to the site for you, On this Site, we will not use or give your name, email address, or any other of your personal information unless you give your permission to the page. But remember that we will not post anything that we feel may cause harm or an offense to any person.

FORESTRY ENGLAND ASK FOR YOU VIEWS - 14/09/20(Last Updated: 14/09/20)Go To Website
Car flying through the air at track racing event
Forestry England asking for views on motorsport in the nation’s forests
Forestry England are reviewing motorsports in the nation’s forests and are inviting the sector and local communities affected to share their views.

They have already contacted motorsport national governing bodies throughout the UK, their own staff, and parish councils that have experience of motorsports on land Forestry England manage.

For decades Forestry England-managed forests have hosted a wide variety of motorsports from national rallies to grassroots entry-level club events and these have seen a decline in popularity over the last five or six years.

The three main areas of motorsport at the moment are: four-wheeled motorsport such as rallying and hill climbs; motorcycle sport, such as enduro and trials; and car testing – usually of rally cars.

The range of other recreational activities and sports along with the number of visits to the nation’s forests has been changing and growing too. Currently some 27 million people make around 235 million visits enjoying everything from a gentle stroll to adrenaline-filled high-wire experiences, and even husky dog training.

Bridgette Hall, Forestry England Head of Recreation explained;

“Forests and motorsport have been together for a long time. Some people’s first experience of a forest was watching a rally and local communities can benefit from the income they bring. In recent years we have seen a decline in the number of events and costs are rising: from hosting events to repairing forest roads.

“There’s also more people visiting the nation’s forests; increasing conservation programmes and a heightened awareness to the environmental impact of everything we all do.

“So we felt the time was right to review motorsport in the nation’s forests and ask clubs, representative organisations and local communities to share their opinions and experiences. We want to hear from people connected to the events to help inform our decisions.”

Anyone who would like to have their say in this review should email by 30th September 2020.

FEDERATION 2020 ENTHUSIAST SURVEY - 14/09/20(Last Updated: 11/09/20)Go To Website
The 2020 National Historic Vehicle Survey is a critical survey for the historic vehicle movement. The term historic vehicle is used to describe all vehicles that are 30 years of age or older i.e. 1990 or prior, and we are referring to cars, motorcycles, buses, coaches, lorries, vans, agricultural, steam and military vehicles.

Please consider this description when answering the questions.

The survey is being conducted on behalf of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and aims to generate important insights on the sector. The answers you give will help shape the future for historic vehicles within the United Kingdom.

The closing date is 12 October 2020

VIRTUAL SHOW FOR THIS YEAR - 09/09/20(Last Updated: 09/09/20)

As we are unable to hold the show this year, we thought we would like to put together a virtual show for you. We will take you from moving onto the Field, build-up, infrastructure for the Show, The Show day, moving out, and back to the empty Field once more.

Day One
By the time of the show, we have been working for many months on meetings for planning and making bookings. Four days before the Show we have drawn up a master Showplan which helps us to ascertain the sizes for each section’s requirement for the Show.
We will start by erecting fencing for, car park, main ring, dog-ring, working section, stationary engine and working section.
The craft tent has been erected in its allotted positions, so by this time, we have the core of the Show in place. At the end of the First day we have marked out where each Vehicle section will be by signs and posts and ropes, The Trade Section has also been marked out and roped, this has all been achieved by the Club Members and Volunteers to who we truly thank them for their help.
The Show is on the road as the saying goes, but we still have a long way to go, but we have started!

Day Two
More of the infrastructure has started to arrive, Tables, Chairs, Toilet Cabins, Litter Bins, Rubbish Skip, Coal and Water Butts for the Steam engine Section, The Club Tent, and Entry Gate is erected the Theme tent is also erected in place and Chairs are placed around the Dog and Main rings, .

Day Three
Now we start the Show Ground work, as we have now all sections marked out and some of the last minute jobs to be done, Boating pool has to be erected and filled, Car Park Signs and ropes put in place. And most important our team will fan out around the Forest with Direction Signs to make sure you find us when you are traveling in.
Some of the Exhibits will start arriving and will be sent to their allocated section areas. Catering Vans will start to arrive and be put in place, Large Traders stands will start to fill section allotted to them. There will be a steady flow of movements around the Ground as the Show starts to come together. Steam Engines arrive under their own Steam as well as on Lorries. We now have an especially important meeting with all staff to make sure the public have a Safe Day with us. More exhibitors arrive through the late afternoon and on, till the late evening when we close the gates at 10 30 pm.

Day Four Show Day
We reopen the main gate at 5 30 a.m. on the morning of the Show, Section Stewards are at their area ready to roster the incoming exhibitions as they are sent from the Gate Team to them. The Section Stewards line up the Vehicles and exhibits as they arrive, we close the exhibitor`s gate at 10 a.m., At which time we open the Public entrance gate. All section stewards will Marshall their section to the ring at their allotted display time, time to display in the ring and return to their Section area for the rest of the Show, other stewards will help at these movements for the Public Safety which is of paramount importance to the Club.
The Show start to wind down when the Last Display has taken place in the Main Ring, when exhibits start to leave the Showground , the public is welcome to stay if they wish as there is still plenty to see and do still on display.

When the last display leaves the Ring, we start to dismantle the Safety Barriers around ground, and open all exit gates, this will allow the public to exit the Show Ground more easily. We work on till late evening dismantling tens and loading some onto the Club Members vehicles to be taken for storage off site. This we are assisted by a large of volunteers who are a great help with this task. We soon clear all this away and the Showground starts to look empty by the time we lock the gates again.

Day Five
We start this packing all Safety Barriers to be loaded, Toilet Cabins are removed from site. All Vehicles are now all gone from site except for Club Vehicles which we load with the last of the equipment, Tents, Posts, Ropes, The Sign Team retrieve all road signs, clear any litter and repair and damage to the Exit Gates and clear any residue from the working Section. By late afternoon, the Field is back to its picturesque state once more.
You may now understand what it takes to put on the Speech House Show for your entertainment and enjoyment

GOOD NEWS ABOUT PIP (Last Updated: 05/09/20)
Pip Buckle.jpeg
Our good friend Pip Buckle who all the Members Know, has, at last, had his operation on the Ankle which he has been suffering with for many years. Some of you will know Pip from the Shows and been on his famous Road Runs in the past. I spoke to pip this morning and he expressed his thanks to all his Good Luck messages you sent him. He is now home from Hospital and being waited on Hand and painful now Foot!!!!!!!
I posted onto Facebook a message, but I have been told that not all Members use this Platform, I am deeply sorry about this oversight on my behalf. I will now be updating the news on the website with more information for you.
Could I ask you to give me feedback on any issues that you are having, just email me on the Contact Page? I will be happy to hear from you and add any information you would like to post on the Site.
The Feedback also lets me know how many contacts I am getting, to the Site as I have no way of seeing the Traffic the page is getting.

NEW VISITORS TO THIS SITE - 06/07/20(Last Updated: 06/07/20)

SALLY NICHOLES THANKS ( SEE ON FACE BOOK PAGE) - 15/05/20(Last Updated: 15/05/20)
I have been asked by several people about the route we are taking on Friday .....
We’re leaving the farm at 2.10 pm going UP Driffield Rd, DOWN Primrose Hill, through Town, past the Town Hall to the Church Yard

Thanks, Sally and Tony
And thank you in advance to everyone who will be out to see dad off

(Film of this item can be seen on our Facebook Page)

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