Forest Vintage Vehicle & Machinery
Founded in October 2011 by Dave Read and Terry Norris, they wanted a local club that included all forms of vehicles and machinery. So, a small advert was placed in the local paper for a meeting to be held on the 2nd Monday of November at The Nag`s Head, Yorkley.

When we started the Club, we made it all encompassing, all types of vintage vehicles, Tractors, Cars, Steam Engines, Stationery Engines, Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles, as well as Ex Military. Some Club´s are only dedicated to single types of Vehicle in general.

The first ever club event we held was a Road Run., Cars Lorries and Motorcycles covered a 60mile round trip, the tractors covered 20 miles, we all Rendezvoused for lunch in Newnham on Seven.

This was the start of our history and from there we started to grow as more Members joined, each Section also got larger. At one Meeting it was suggested to have a Show Day, so we arranged to hold a Show at the Bream Rugby Club.

The decision we had taken to encompass all vintage types; showed its true worth as all sections that had joined attended. giving us a small malty interest attraction. This was to be the starting point that in time became the birth of the Speech House Show.